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I've gotta stop living in my head.
Seeing things that aren't there.
Thinking too much into things.
Thinking too much of things.
Expecting too much of things.
Expecting too much of people.
Surviving on false hope and white lies.

She's nicer and prettier than me.

I can eat as much cheap chocolate I got in Spain as I want now.
I've got nobody to lose weight for.
Though, apparently on holiday, I did.
I can't even be arsed anymore, tbh.
I'm not fat, and i'm not anorexic.
So I guess it's alright. 

I learned to play Third Eye Blind - Slow Motion on the piano.
Well, I guessed chords and watched videos of people playing it. 
I think I picked it up pretty well considering i've never been taught how to play the piano.
That's my focus from now on.
Music and friends.. and my hair.
Well don't need anything else. x